Multi Page App Doesn't render on initial load

Hi, I have a multi-page app that has an annoying bug. It doesn’t render any components on the initial load (but the layout is present, it’s just empty inside). But once I refresh the page, everything loads smoothly. I think the callback function was never triggered during the initial load, any ideas on why that is the case?

Hi @dzheng4 - This bug was fixed in the latest realease. Try upgrading to Dash 2.6.1.

I tried upgrading it to the newest version but the same issue still occurs…

can you please confirm that you’re using dash 2.6.1 and can you please attach a gif of what’s happening on your screen?

Hi Adam, I contacted AnnMarie earlier that day and figured out that my issue was because I didn’t connect my data source correctly, I think it has nothing to do with dash though. By the way, thanks for checking on this, I love watching your videos, they are truly helpful!