Multi output duplicates

Hello dash world

I am quite new to Dash but I like it. I have the (known) issue to use the same Output for (at least) two callbacks, which results in an error message.
In my code I have two buttons:
1.) Create data and show in a 3D graph
2.) Load data and show in a 3D graph

As a workaround I generated just one callback and made a if/else statement to check which button created the Input, so only this is feed into the 3D graph Output. Is there a better way? A chained callback or something?

Thank you!


Yes, that’s the canonical way to do this. Otherwise it’s ambiguous, in principle, which callback should deliver the results. Did you find dash.callback_context.triggered, which is the newer and easier way to do this than the timestamp props?

Thank you. I implemented the ctx.triggered successfully. It works nice!