Multi Headers and Fixed Columns

Seems like when you use multiheaders and fixed there is a strange interaction.

Processing: QAXR7OHr5p.mp4…

columns= [
{‘id’: ‘Pim_Status’, ‘name’: [‘Article Master Data’, ‘Status’], ‘editable’: False},
{‘id’: ‘Article’, ‘name’: [‘Article Master Data’, ‘Article’], ‘editable’: False},
{‘id’: ‘ArticleName’, ‘name’: [‘Article Master Data’, ‘Article Name’], ‘editable’: False},
{‘id’: ‘Brand’, ‘name’: [‘Article Master Data’, ‘Brand’], ‘editable’: False},
{‘id’: ‘ArticleManu’, ‘name’: [‘Article Master Data’, ‘Manufacture Number’], ‘editable’: False},
{‘id’: ‘Strategy’, ‘name’: [‘Strategy’,‘Strategy’], ‘editable’: True, ‘presentation’: ‘dropdown’},
{‘id’: ‘Segment’, ‘name’: [‘Strategy’,‘Segment’], ‘editable’: True, ‘presentation’: ‘dropdown’},
{‘id’: ‘Exclusive’, ‘name’: [‘Strategy’,‘Exclusive’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘ROLE_NO’, ‘name’: [‘Strategy’,’ Article Role NO’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘ROLE_SE’, ‘name’: [‘Strategy’,’ Article Role SE’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘ROLE_DK’, ‘name’: [‘Strategy’,’ Article Role DK’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘ROLE_FI’, ‘name’: [‘Strategy’,’ Article Role FI’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Fee NO’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Fee NO’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Fee SE’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Fee SE’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Fee DK’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Fee DK’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Fee FI’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Fee FI’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Tax SE’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Fee NO’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Net Weight’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Chemtax Weight’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Tax Rate KG’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Chem Tax Rate’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Tax Rebate’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Chem Tax Rebate’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Chem Tax’, ‘name’: [‘Fees/Tax’,‘Chem Tax’], ‘editable’: False},
{‘id’: ‘SGN’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘SG NO’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘DGN’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘DG NO’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘SGS’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘SG SE’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘DGS’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘DG SE’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘SGD’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘SG DK’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘DGD’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘DG DK’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘SGF’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘SG FI’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘DGF’, ‘name’: [‘Range’,‘DG FI’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_Curr’, ‘name’: [‘Price’,‘Currency’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_Cost’, ‘name’: [‘Price’,‘Cost’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_NO_W2R’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘Whs to NO’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_NO_R2C’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘NO Sales Price’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_SE_W2R’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘Whs to SE’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_SE_R2C’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘SE Sales Price’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_DK_W2R’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘Whs to DK’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_DK_R2C’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘DK Sales Price’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_FI_W2R’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘Whs to FI’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Price_FI_R2C’, ‘name’: [‘Price’, ‘FI Sales Price’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W1’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W1’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W2’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W2’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W3’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W3’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W4’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W4’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W5’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W5’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W6’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W6’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W7’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W7’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W8’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W8’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W9’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W9’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W10’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W10’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W11’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W11’], ‘editable’: True},
{‘id’: ‘Campaign W12’, ‘name’: [‘Campaign’,‘W12’], ‘editable’: True}
style_table={‘overflowX’: ‘auto’, ‘height’: ‘1500px’, ‘minWidth’: ‘100%’},
‘height’: ‘auto’,
# all three widths are needed
‘minWidth’: ‘100px’, ‘width’: ‘100px’, ‘maxWidth’: ‘100px’,
‘whiteSpace’: ‘normal’
fixed_columns={‘headers’: True, ‘data’: 5},
data=[dict(Article=[‘Article1’]), dict(Article=[‘Article2’]), dict(Article=[‘Article3’]), dict(Article=[‘Article4’]), dict(Article=[‘Article5’]), dict(Article=[‘Article6’])],
‘Segment’: {
‘options’: [
{‘label’: ‘Entry’, ‘value’: ‘Entry’},
{‘label’: ‘Low’, ‘value’: ‘Low_End’},
{‘label’: ‘Mid’, ‘value’: ‘Mid_End’},
{‘label’: ‘High’, ‘value’: ‘High_End’},
{‘label’: ‘Premium’, ‘value’: ‘Premium’}
‘clearable’: True
‘Strategy’: {
‘options’: [
{‘label’: ‘Price Point’, ‘value’: ‘Price_Point’},
{‘label’: ‘WIN’, ‘value’: ‘WIN’},
{‘label’: ‘Sell Up’, ‘value’: ‘Sell_UP’}
‘clearable’: True