Modal pop up when user wants to add a new row

I want to give user the ability to add rows with a click of button, and when he does that a pop up should appear with where he would enter the values of all the columns. And then click save to save the new row.
How can I achieve this? Help with code will be highly appreciated

@chriddyp any ideas how this can be done?

Hi sitansu
I don’t use Modal, but if you have a space in your dashboard you can have a hidden Div with each different columns and then when the user click the add row button, the callbacks shows the hidden Div with the columns to fill.
Using dropdown, Input, Checklist or RadioItems to control the users input and with a button to confirm the update, once the user fills all the columns and click the confirm buton, it triggers a callback wich can make any additional checking, change the Div style to hidden and adds the row with all the information.
Hope it helps.