Missing line plots when using ggplotly on ggplot facet_wrap

Dear Experts,
I have several .csv files with exactly the same structure. There is no NA inside my files. I use the code below to plot several simple line plots together for each .csv file. For all of my files ggplot works correctly, but when I apply ggplotly on them, for some files not all the plots are completely shown. I mean the placeholder of the plot is there but no line is illustrated. Any idea what is the reason for this different behavior?
Here is the [link] (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1W3iehuqaKr45yocfEAFU6HdFgkw3ZwYP?usp=sharing) to examples.

df <- read.csv(“file.csv”)
p2 <-ggplot(df, aes(x=Mass, y=Intensity))+geom_line(aes(color=id))+ facet_wrap(. ~ sample, ncol=5)
q2 <-ggplotly(p2)