Merge Table Row Index/Labels

Hi I have a table where Ive grouped table rows by a category and subcategory. But It seems that dash.datatable does not like that, the output for those 2 columns comes out blank. I am looking for a way to merge the row labels similar to how you would with columns.

 {"name": ["my column groups", "col1"],
   "id": "col1"},
 {"name": ["my columns groups", "col2"],
   "id": "col2"},

It would look something like this:


Does anyone know if this can be accomplished within dash?

I see in this post the OP asks for something similar

But its a bit dated and the react component it refers to doesnt seem to have the functionality Im looking for.

As a last resort if anyone knows of another library that can do this Im all ears. Im currently looking into datatable


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