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Memory Leak in Plotly Dash Gauges dash_daq.Gauge (when using custom ranges for color)

When the dash_daq.Gauge object’s color is set to something like -
{‘default’: some color, ‘ranges’: some ranges}
and the callback uses n-intervals to update the color, there’s a memory leak (the GPU usage in Chrome keeps increasing).

This only happens when the ‘ranges’ key is used (and I suspect it might also occur if a gradient is used) but not when the Gauge only uses the ‘default’ key by itself.

The only workaround we have found, at the moment, is to reload the page every 2 minutes so that the GPU memory usage goes back to a low number before it starts climbing again.

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Thanks for posting. I would never have found the origin of leakage.

The workaround was to save the desired scale ring as an image and position it exactly over the default gauge ring.