Maximum table size if you upload?

Hello, brand new plotly user. I’m liking the heatmap, but I’m having trouble getting it to display properly. I can get it to work on a test CSV with only 5 rows, but when I try a bigger 2500 row version it’ll show OK in scatter chart, but when I switch to heatmap and define axes, the chart doesn’t appear.

Have I exceeded a limit? A bigger job I’d like to test might be 100k rows, while the end goal would be 2.5M rows.



Gentle bump to see if anyone knows

Hi there,
It’s helpful if you tag your question so we know if you’re using one of our APIs or the online workspace (Plotly 2.0).
Otherwise, we can’t provide an accurate answer.

Ahh OK, didn’t realise! I’m using the 2.0 web ui

Great, so there is currently a data limit of about 50MB and note that larger files (especially files close to the limit) may respond slower.
Additionally, you can check out the heatmap tutorial to make sure the all attributes are being set correctly: