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Matlab - Charts not rendering with IE11


I’m starting with plotly on Matlab. I’ve used several of your examples, and stored them locally. I always have the same issue: the charts do not render when I open them using IE11. When I save them online, I do see them though.
I do not have this issue when I use Firefox…

Do you have any idea ?



Can you tell us more specifically which charts are not rendering properly in IE11?

Basically any chart I tested…
For instance:

  • the example given on the matlab/getting-started/ page using peaks and contour
  • basic line charts examples
  • bubble charts examples

When I save them online, I have no issue seeing them with IE11.
The issue is when I save them offline and when I open them with IE11.

When I save the files locally, I do not have this issue. So it’s only when they are saved on a network.

I found a workaround, by including them in a frame in another html file. It seems to work fine this way.