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Matlab Area Plot Errors

Hi Plotly team,
I am trying to create an area plot using fig2plotly from matlab. I get the following error:

Attempted to access area_child.VertexData(1,:); index out of bounds because size(area_child.VertexData)=[0,0].
We had trouble parsing the area object.
This trace might not render properly.

ans = 

  plotlyfig with properties:

           data: {[1x1 struct]  [1x1 struct]  [1x1 struct]  [1x1 struct]  [1x1 struct]}
         layout: [1x1 struct]
            url: ''
          error: [1x0 char]
        warning: [1x0 char]
        message: [1x0 char]
       UserData: [1x1 struct]
    PlotOptions: [1x1 struct]

Matlab 2015a.
When the plot draws, it has correct axes names and title, but the data is missing…
Help please.