Material based User Interface?

I’ve done some work for a client on Dash - think it’s brilliant. The first time i’ve been able to create a single page app without having to dive into JavaScript - but with Python instead. Just wondering if anyone has tried using Dash in conjunction with MaterializeCSS, Material-UI (which works atop React) or any other Material Design UI framework?

In the meantime, agonising over how to put dcc.Link around a hand drawn div (non-standard button shape) without the link text appearing.

I haven’t seen anyone do this yet but it’s definitely possible. It would require a lightweight wrapper around their components using the methodology outlined in If any company out there would like to sponsor this work, please reach out:

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@chriddyp a slightly different twist on this question - how hard would it be to take an existing library & simply generate plotly dash components for it, eg. looks decent, however every property is manually mapped, so any new prop would need to be added, and there’s a couple of key components missing.

There is a Material Design theme for Plotly.js: you could use this.