Mapbox layer zoom levels

I’m trying to set the zoom level for layers but can’t get the minzoom level attribute to work. I only want my layers to show up under a 14 zoom level.

layout = {
    mapbox: {
        center: {
        lon: 0,
        lat: 0
        zoom: 15.8,
         style: 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9',
         "layers": layers


where layers is an array with elements of the form

layerElement = {
        "source": {
            "type": "FeatureCollection",
            "features": laneFeatures,
            "minzoom": 14
        "type": "fill",
        "color": "darkgrey",
        "fill": { "outlinecolor": "black" },
        "opacity": .9,
        "minzoom": 14

and lane features is an array with elements of the form

featureElement = { "type": "Feature", ''geometry' : geoJSON object, 'minzoom' : 14  }

I’ve tried setting the “minzoom” attribute in multiple places but none of them work, the mapbox specs specify that minzoom should be set on each layer

From an example I’ve seen on this forum ( ), plotly has the “below” attribute that provides similar functionality to minzoom but is tied to features, not a specific zoom level.

Also the red contour line layer given by


seems to make use of the minzoom level attribute, unfortunately I tried searching and couldn’t find a way to view what was given by the source specified.

minZoom isn’t part of the plotly spec at the moment. Here’s the list of valid mapbox layer attributes:

Is there an update on this topic? I would like to implement this on my dash app as well.