Looks like you don't have 'read-write' permission to your 'home' ('~') directory

Hello everyone,

I’m working on deploying a multi-page dash app I’ve created via Heroku to my URL.
Getting this error

“Looks like you don’t have ‘read-write’ permission to your ‘home’ (’~’) directory or to our ‘~/.plotly’ directory. That means plotly’s python api can’t setup local configuration files. No problem though! You’ll just have to sign-in using ‘plotly.plotly.sign_in()’. For help with that: ‘help(plotly.plotly.sign_in)’.”

Does anyone know the fix here?

Kind regards,


We have had much the same issue and found Chris had said in 'read-write' permission to your 'home' ('~') directory to ignore the warning

Also if you update plotly, this warning shouldn’t appear anymore: pip install plotly --upgrade