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ListGroup Callback - Possible?

Hi guys,

Was wondering if its possible to have a callback on a list group (generated dynamically) and know which ListGroupItem was clicked.

For example,

list_group = dbc.ListGroup(
        dbc.ListGroupItem("Item 2", action=True),
        dbc.ListGroupItem("Item 2", action=True),
        dbc.ListGroupItem("Item 3", action=True"),


Here’s one possible approach using pattern-matching callbacks and callback_context:

listgroup = dbc.ListGroup(
            f"Item {i}", 
            id={"type": "list-group-item", "index": i}, 
        for i in range(3)

app.layout = html.Div(

    Output("test", "children"),
    Input({'type': 'list-group-item', 'index': ALL}, 'n_clicks'),  # from dash import ALL  # in v2
    State("list-group", "children"),
def update(n_clicks_list, children):
    # from dash import callback_context  # in v2
    clicked_id = callback_context.triggered[0]["prop_id"]
    # Parsing it 
    clicked_id = int(json.loads(clicked_id.split(".")[0])["index"])

    return f"Clicked on {children[clicked_id]}"

I adapted from an old example where I showed how the props in the specific child being clicked are available via State, but you might not need it…

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Great…that will do the job.

Is there a way to make the listgrouptitem active depending on which one was clicked?

I guess you can pass Output({'type': 'list-group-item', 'index': ALL}, 'active') and return a list of booleans where the index clicked_id is True and the rest False.

Thanks mate… I’ll look into it