List of all dash fonts accessible through style

Is there a list of font-families accessible to Dash components ?

Specifically, I use: dcc.Component(args… , style={‘font-family’:‘monospace’})

My issue is that I’m blind as to what fonts I can use and have resorted to manually guessing if a font is available.

I have not installed any custom fonts and plan not to because I run on different environments/settings. I just want to see a list of all fonts available in the base version of Dash.

Any pointers to this will be helpful.

I’m not a UI person, so I’m not familiar with some of the obvious stuff.

Hi @ksod

I think that Dash uses any css property in the styles. See the css font families here:

Thanks. Though this doesn’t show a list of the available CSS styles. Or is this browser dependent and not dash dependent?