Layout is rendered with overlapping divs when submit button of an input is pressed on an even number of tries but not odd

I have a dash python application which takes a stock name as input from a dcc.Input components and uses a callback to serve a page of 4 different divs. The structure of the second and third divs are both as follows: dbc.Row(dbc.Col(graph1), dbc.Col(graph2)). Now when I enter the stock name as input the first time everything is rendered as expected. But when I try and enter a stock name the second time and press submit the layout is rendered with the second and third div both overlapping one another. Then if I input a stock name a third time the layout is rendered as expected again. And so on, for each even number of input tries the 2 divs are overlayed but not for the odd numbered. Any ideas as to what is causing the issue?