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Laying out 3D subplots

The project that I am currently working on is trying to create the same illusion(as the video) for 3D plots.
Desired layout would be something like this.
| |x| |
|x| |x|
| |x| |

A couple of issues that I am facing currently includes

  1. Creating blank spaces - What html component should I be trying? I have tried many different components from Dash Core component documentation but can’t seem to achieve what I want. Would using plotly.js be easier if I am relatively new to html/css/JS?

2.Rotating the 3D plots - Would it be possible to integrate css functions to transform/rotate the plots?

Video showing the desired output: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y60mfBvXCj8&t=44s
We hope to aid imagination in math by creating a web app with 3D plots that will update itself according to the input function.