Large amounts of data in

I am receiving an error:

Failed to execute 'setItem' on 'Storage': Setting the value of 'map_distro_store' exceeded the quota.

I am assuming this means I am hitting some kind of limit on how much data i can load into a Cany anyone shed some light on this?

This is likely a limit from your browser, to my knowledge dcc.Store does not have a data size limit by itself. What kind of data are you trying to store locally? And what storage type did you choose to store it?

You are probably correct, I think this is a large payload. The dataframe looks like its about 382,280 rows returning into the store which may be too large for a dcc.Store(id='map_distro_store', storage_type='session'), component.

Addendum: I switched it from session storage to memory storage type and it seems to be ok.

It’s probably one of those questions with a variety of answers but is there a recommendation for storage type with large data sets?