JupyterDash unable to access callback-modified objects in next cell

Let’s suppose that I want to make a Dash app call from a python class, within a jupyter notebook/lab (hence using jupyter_dash), do some stuffs and finally access to the modified object.
I am currently falling short on this last task and couldn’t make it work in any way. Here a minimal working example:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

from flask import Flask

import dash_bootstrap_components as dbc
from dash.dependencies import Input, Output, State
from dash import html, dcc

from jupyter_dash import JupyterDash

# Initialize flask server and dash app
server = Flask(__name__)

app = JupyterDash(

class DropCol:
    def __init__(self, server, app, mode="inline", debug=True):
        self.mode = mode
        self.debug = debug
        self.app = app
        self.server = server

    def __call__(self, df: pd.DataFrame):
       # Create layout based on dataframe
        col_options = [{"label": c, "value": c} for c in df.columns]
        data_store = dcc.Store(id="data-store", data=df.to_json(date_format="iso", orient="split"))
        dropdown = dcc.Dropdown(id="cols", options=col_options)
        self.app.layout = html.Div(
        # run the app
        self.app.run_server(mode=self.mode, debug=self.debug, port="8000")
    def callbacks(self, app):
        """Initialize app callbacks"""

            Output("data-store", "data"),
            Input("cols", "value"),
            State("data-store", "data"),
        def on_col_selection(col_name, df_jsonified):
            df = (pd.read_json(df_jsonified, orient="split")
                  .drop(col_name, axis=1)
            return df.to_json(date_format="iso", orient="split")
    def get_data_frame(self):
        """property to retrieve dataframe from data-store"""
        df_json = self.app.layout['data-store'].data
        return pd.read_json(df_json, orient="split")

# Sample dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({
    "a": np.arange(10),
    "b": np.random.randn(10)

col_dropper = DropCol(server, app, mode="inline")
Here I select one of the column from the dropdown, hence I expect that the json `data-store` has  one column remaining.
However this is not the case when I access the data in the following cell

|    |   a |         b |
|  0 |   0 |  1.0964   |
|  1 |   1 | -0.30562  |
|  2 |   2 |  1.34761  |

As you can see, the stored dataframe I am able to access has all the columns, even after I select one in the above call.

Suppose that I select column b, then the expected output is:

|    |   a |
|  0 |   0 |
|  1 |   1 |
|  2 |   2 |

Packages versions I am using are: dash==2.0.0, dash_bootstrap_components==1.0.1, flask==2.0.1, jupyter_dash==0.4.0

Is there any way to accomplish such task?