Dropdown update datatable

Hi I want to use a dropdown menu that update the datatable, however I don’t know how to use the callback, here my code:

dataframes = {‘map_data’: map_data,
‘map_data1’: map_data1}

def get_data_object(user_selection):
For user selections, return the relevant in-memory data frame.
return dataframes[user_selection]

html.P(‘Choose data table:’),
** dcc.Dropdown(**
** id=‘choose_table’,**
** options= [{‘label’: df, ‘value’: df} for df in dataframes],**
** multi=False,**
** value=‘map_data’**
** )**

    ], className = "row"

Output(‘datatable’, ‘rows’),
[dash.dependencies.Input(‘filter1’, ‘values’),
dash.dependencies.Input(‘filter2’, ‘value’),
dash.dependencies.Input(‘filter3’, ‘value’),
dash.dependencies.Input(‘choose_table’, ‘value’)])
def update_selected_row_indices(choose_table,boroughs, doe, crime, obesity):
** df = get_data_object(user_selection)**
** map_aux = df.to_dict(‘records’)**
** #some filter conditions**
** rows = map_aux.to_dict(‘records’)#get_data_object.to_dict(‘records’)#**
** return rows**
Unfortunatly nothing displays, I see only an empty table.

Could someone help me , please.
Thanks in advance.