Issue: 3D Scatter is placed inside 2D axes MATLAB

I am having a strange issue on plotly offline for MATLAB. A 3D scatterplot will sometimes plot within a 2D axis, even though I have just plotted a basic scatter3 figure. I can input different data and the scatterplot will generate correctly in plotly.

The code:

X = [15401.6266592212,15401.6266592212,15401.6266592213,15401.6266592213,15355.2744616186,15355.2744616186,15355.2744616186,15355.2744616186];
Y = [19.9855   21.0962   22.1991   23.3032   24.4033   25.5082   26.6107   27.7077];
Z = [1.05768807754072	1.04998877382394	1.04553406649765	1.04278054870402	1.04444151995473	1.04416362472148	1.04837847323944	1.05203462353297];
colors =[19.9854983232596,21.0962251538461,22.1990576372902,23.3031802825677,24.4032711140409,25.5082475961406,26.6106781616379,27.7077057627246];
f_bad = fig2plotly(gcf)

The MATLAB source figure:

And the output plotly figure f_bad:

I can change the data and it will behave normally:

f_good = fig2plotly(gcf)

When I query the plotlyfig objects f_good / f_bad, the only difference I can find is in the layout.annotation properties. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Version info:
I just downloaded and installed the extension following these instructions. Plotly version 2.2.10 per >>plotly_version in MATLAB. Issue occurs on both MATLAB 2022b and 2018b

Hi, I have a similar issue using surf in Matlab. I would also like the axis titles to be p and N instead of the X and Y.
Does anyone have any idea how to achieve the above?

Thank you in advance!