Is there any interactive filter Data Series in Dash Plotly?

Actually, I have one plot with many points and many data series. I know that to make some data series disappear you can just click on it in the plot data series legend.
I need to filter some of those data series (make them disappear), by writing the regex formula. At the moment I’m doing it using @callback and recalculating the figure.
Is there any way to do this inside plot itself without using @callback and recalculating the figure?

Check this out

I know about it, but it isn’t what I need. Creating buttons/dropdown etc. in updatemenus are static. You need in code write what exactly button etc. will be doing.
I need something dynamically with a text box to filter data series/traces by their name.

Just to add I’m creating plots using px.line with pandas dataframe which has information about every point value, dataseries/trace etc.