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Is there a way to keep the range slider while using 'scattergl'?


I’m pretty new to Plotly, and I am currently plotting approximately 100K points on the line charts, but it was super laggy when I tried to zoom in, zoom out as well as adjusting the range slider.

So I searched online and tried ‘scattergl’. The speed of plotting performance did boost up significantly, but the ranger slider disappeared.

The range slider is super convenient for checking a specific part of the lines. since the lines are very long, so I was wondering is there any way to keep the range slider while using ‘scattergl’ or other method to speed up the plotting performance.

This version used scatter, and any operation will be very laggy:
This version used scattergl, and the range slide disappeared:

The following is part of my code:

df11 = pandas.read_excel(‘foo11.xlsx’)
l11 = df11.values.tolist()
trace11 = Scattergl(
x = list(df11.columns),
y = l11[0],
mode = ‘lines+markers’,
name = ‘test11’

data = [trace0,…, trace11]

layout = dict(

fig = dict(data=data, layout=layout)


No. Range slider aren’t available for scattergl at the moment.

Thanks, but is there any other method to speed up the performance?

@etienne Is there any plan so far to make the rangeslider available for Scattergl ?

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Feature request tracked here