Setting plot xaxis range is slow

HI all,
I build a html page using plotly for python. Because of huge data, I splitted the plots in three different plots. These plots have all the same timerange. Each of them has a rangeslider. When I zoom in with mouse-wheel or move the range with mouse it is fast and has a good user experience.
I try to keep the rangesliders synchron. I do this so: When a user changes the tab, I check whether the range area has changed and set the new range to all others with different ranges.
I do this in javascript with:

var update = {
	xaxis: { 				
		rangeslider: {                
		range: range
// update
Plotly.relayout(graphid, update);		

This took much more time than I did exspect, because doing the same with the mouse is fast enough.
Is this the wrong approach?
I already did all data in one graph, but then scrolling and moving is too slow.

Look here: Slow tab change

Thank you in advance,