Is the Dash Documentation down?

What’s happening with the the dash documentation? says ‘Error Loading Layout’… so do all the other documentation pages.
Or is this only happening with me for some reason or the other? :smiley:


hm the page is loading fine for me. what browser are you on? are there any error messages in the browser console?

So its not working on chrome, but I just checked Internet Explorer and it works just fine.
I’m not quite sure if this is what you mean by browser console, but these are the messages nonetheless.

mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds/progress?id=HuzcmLouvyXBjyWPQgMWWGnpga6GabiF7gKmpF1_bhY,:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds/progress?id=CGEqeMWeC8bYovVIplCVC3rzH2ddtjhAIGFBnrKBu-c,:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds/progress?id=h0k4AoqIAYGrTkOJLHsWDJAueSR9YsQlcw3X237L8rg,:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
api.js:73 Error: dash_core_components was not found.
at Object.resolve (registry.js:16)
at p (TreeContainer.js:73)
at ()
at p (TreeContainer.js:58)
at e.value (TreeContainer.js:15)
at p._renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext (react-dom@15.4.2.min.js?v=0.17.0&m=1549406280:13)
at p._renderValidatedComponent (react-dom@15.4.2.min.js?v=0.17.0&m=1549406280:13)
at performInitialMount (react-dom@15.4.2.min.js?v=0.17.0&m=1549406280:13)
at p.mountComponent (react-dom@15.4.2.min.js?v=0.17.0&m=1549406280:13)
at Object.mountComponent (react-dom@15.4.2.min.js?v=0.17.0&m=1549406280:14)

That looks like it might be some type of corporate proxy that is blocking certain requests from being made. In particular, the following error message

indicates that one of the JavaScript libraries wasn’t loaded.

FYI The Dash-Docs GitHub provides a downloadable PDF:

I get the idea of the dog-fooding by making the Dash Docs a Dash app but requiring JavaScript for documentation is a little annoying…

Beyond dog-fooding, the main reason we do this is to enable real, live embedded examples and components inside the documentation.