Is it possible to update dcc.graph config attribute without redrawing the graph?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to update the ‘toImageButtonOptions’ property in the dcc.graph config attribute without redrawing the graph.
The graph is a large network and I believe redrawing the graph is not an optimal solution.
here is my code for the callback to update the config attribute:

    Output('Large_Network', 'config'),
    [Input("update_button", "n_clicks")],
    [State("width", "value"),
     State("height", "value"),
     State("scale", "value"),
     State("export_format", "value")]
def update_toImageButtonOptions(update_button_clicked, width, height, scale, export_format):
    changed_id = [p['prop_id'] for p in dash.callback_context.triggered][0]
    if 'update_button.n_clicks' in changed_id:     
        config = {
                  "editable": False,
                  "scrollZoom": True,
                  "displayModeBar": True,
                  "displaylogo": False,
                  'responsive': True,
                  'toImageButtonOptions': {
                                            "format": export_format, 
                                            "filename": 'custom_image',                                             
                                            "height": height,
                                            "width": width,
                                            "scale": scale
        config={"editable": False,
                "scrollZoom": True,
                "displayModeBar": True,
                "displaylogo": True,

    return config

I know the callback passes the new config attribute but there is no change in toImageButtonOptions.
Thank you.

I’m trying the same thing with clear_on_unhover which does not work either. Any progress on this matter in the meantime?