Is it possible to sort DataTable by only clicking on column header?

In other data table iterations, it is possible to sort rows of that datatable by simply clicking on the column (example: DataTables Information).

Right now, it seems that it is only possible to sort Dash DataTables by clicking on the up and down arrows. Obviously, from a user perspective, the column header is a larger target to hit and therefore easier to use ergonomically. If possible, I would like to integrate this into a Dash app, but I cannot find any help on that at the moment.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Hello @mattwittbrodt

I found this code. I hope can help.

Thank you for sending over! A clever way around this odd missing feature.

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You can use AntdTable in my open source components library feffery-antd-components ( feffery-antd-components在线文档 ), easy and powerful!

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