Table column sorting without using DataTable

so I have put off using DataTable for a long time because it seemed too rigid and I don’t need any data entry. I need nicely presented data and Column sorting (what I am missing from using html.Table). So I tried DataTable today and ran into five limitations/issues which are each posted. So the question is whether there is any way to implement Column Sorting within normal tables or Dash Bootstrap Tables? I really thought it would be there.

How difficult would it be to implement the Bootstrap example found on DataTables example - Bootstrap 4 ? How would I get those three lines of JavaScript called properly, assuming the other library imports or equivalents are performed via Dash Bootstrap Components?

I added the three lines of javascript to an assets/datatable.js file and modified my table creation to use html.Thead and html.Tbody (first time using those) to match the example and there are no sort widgets in the header columns. Does anything special need to be done to import those three .js libraries?