Is it possible to show hide the trace in Scatter?

I am having a scatter graph, which is having five legends. But I need to display only 2 remaining 3 will be disabled. It will be shown only if the user clicks on it. Is it possible?

Thank you in advance.

use visible: 'legendonly'

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Thank you so much @etienne, Sorry for missing that part on the doc. :frowning:

HI I am using a scatter group, If Is it possibel to hide a scatter/trace group?

You might want to look at:

Thank you for your reply, Following is my code, now I am able to hide the group having the same name. (This works for me because the other traces are hidden trace which I have it to show uncertainty over the line as area chart) The original problem was, if i set legend only for one of the element in the group, it does not change the group. Where as, if I click one legend (show/hide) it applies to the whole group. I am not sure its a bug.

updateTrace: function(phase){
			var plotDiv = document.getElementById(container);
			var plotData =;
			$.each(plotData, function(key, value){
				var visibilty = true;
				if (!new RegExp(phase.join("|")).test( {
				    visibilty = 'legendonly';
				}[key].visible = visibilty;
			// Plotly.restyle(container, update);

That’s the intended behaviour. Here’s how the legend implement group toggling: plotly.js/src/components/legend/index.js at a66dc667e85e90f7ffb0fd933651910ac4656237 · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub

Thank you @etienne , I agree when we click on the legend it works correctly. I was saying if I change visibility of one element in a group via JS, it does not affect other element in the group. Thanks for all your help…:slight_smile: