Creating and hiding a group

I have a line chart with a bunch of different traces and currently I have hidden the traces after the 10 first ones with visible=“legendonly”. Is it possible to instead create a group for every tenth entry and then toggle those with a click of the legend? eg.

Group 2:

I want to be able to toggle just Name1 but also an entire group if that makes sense.

Grouped legends might be what you’re looking for: Legends in Python (

Hi @Mak welcome to the forums!

@ba_tno mentioned already the grouping of traces.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Once in a group, you can’t toggle the visibility of single traces by clicking in the legend.

Exactly this but individual toggling of the traces.

I see, that’s a bummer. Is there any workaround available? :slight_smile:

None that I know of, unfortunately.

Maybe if you use the forum search for this- I know we had similar topics addressing this, there is even a feature request if I remember correctly.

You did not provide any code or test data, so it’s hard to gauge what workaround is viable. Have you seen the groupclick option: Layout in Python (