Is it possible to change the HTML content of a Dash DataTable cell?

My question is whether it is possible to change other content of the HTML content of a cell in a DataTable.
As far as I can see, I can only change a cell’s text content and styling.

If relevant, I want to use this to add an alarm icon, like the lights of a traffic lights, inside the data table, e.g. through dbc: Icons - dbc docs

Hello Aroflote,

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Thank you. I will have a look


Yes it’s possible to do that by using html tags in Markdown.

You can see some more info and examples here: 📣 Dash v1.21.0 - Plotly.js 2.0, Icicle Charts, Bar Chart Patterns, Clipboard Component, Bug Fixes - #3 by AnnMarieW

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Great! I will take a look at this too.

I’ve been able to implement the dbc table, but it would be great to keep the extensive functionality of the dash data table.

Thank you