Add a HTML component into a cell `dash-table`

Hello guys,

I have to add custom html element into datatable cells like :

html.Button(["Change choice"], className="btn btn-primary btn-round")
html.Span(["37%"], className="btn btn-primary btn-outline-primary btn-round score")

How can I make that please ?

@LucasVN Thanks for the question. This is not currently possible in the table as it would either require supporting components as properties, which we do not do at the moment and is still on an unknown timeline, or requiring extra presentation options in the table, which is not in the plans in the short term.

Do we have any update on this question ?

Hi @akash1 ,

I don’t think so. But there is a way to include a button behavior:

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Thanks @AIMPED for the suggestion.
However i am trying create an image or canvas to put into cell with user initials so that the users who don’t have their profile images uploaded, will have these canvas with initials there.


Have you looked into markdown?

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You can use images as a tooltip:

Or add special characters like emojis: