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Ipywidget + dashboards

Hi all,

I am trying to do a dashboard with filters (dropdowns/slidebars/etc…) but i have run into some problems.
The original example I have found is this:

I was able to replicate it for my data but its not doing exactly what i want/need.

I have a “n” dimensional data set. Out of which i am plotting two dimensions, X and Y.
I would like to filter the data on other dimensions, lets say Z1, Z2 and Z3.
Hence, I would like to have three dropodown menus, each one that let me filter through the values of each Z dimension.
However, when applying that method, the filters dont stack. If I set a value for Z1 it filters for it, than, if i set a value for Z2, it forgets about Z1 and filters for Z2.

I was able to find a good example of what i need here:,%20Search,%20and%20Filtering.ipynb

I was able to replicate that, but it only works locally (on the jupyter notebook)

My question is:
In the first method, is it possible to filter like in the second method? How so?
In the second method, is it possible to work on the plotly graph/data as in the first method? How so?