Dropdown filters data for multiple charts in dashboard

I’d like to have a dashboard with a dropdown at the top which filters the data in a set of charts based on the selection of the dropdown. Is this something that’s possible with Plotly?

You might want to take a look at: https://plot.ly/python/dropdowns/

Thanks. I saw that but it seems like those dropdowns apply to a single chart. How would I make this apply to multiple charts?

Suppose I have two dataframes, each of which populates a single chart on the dashboard. I’m thinking that some value will be tied to each dropdown selection, which can then be used to filter each dataframe and redraw the two charts. This doesn’t seem to fit how plotly is intended to work, so I’m wondering if there’s some other way to do this.

You’re right. Dropdowns can’t communicate to multiple graphs at the moment.

I’d recommend making one graph with multiple subplots one in this case.

Alternatively, you can try creating your own widget Redirecting…

Is the dropdown widget available in Plotly Dashboards, or is it only available in iPython/Jupyter notebooks?

I have used it in Jupyter notebooks, so yes for that!