Interactively reordering DataTable columns

I think I saw somewhere on Youtube the capability to drag Datatable’s columns interactively. Does this capability exist/difficult to implement?

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Hi, I think what you mean is explained in this section: or this one , depending on your programming language.

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Yeah, it’s not possible yet with dash_table.DataTable, but we’d love to add that feature.


Actually I am too looking for a similar feature to be able to drag & drop to reorder the columns.
Even some buttons on the Column header to re-arrange may solve the purpose.

Will this feature be added anytime soon ?

it’s definitely a great idea! this is not on our immediate roadmap, so it probably won’t be done for 6-12 months at least unless someone in the community implements it, a dash enterprise customer requests it, or an organization sponsors the feature (Consulting, Training & Open-Source Development)

Thanks for your reply!!

Whenever you add plan to add feature, also add a feature to resize the column widths based on dragging the border.
I feel currently dash is pretty cool, but lacks things that we can drag and drop to move around.
Such things add a lot to the UX