Interactive grid in

I am in the process of making a visualisation tool for a specific type of neural network, and was wondering if my specific use case is something Plotly can accommodate.

Essentially what I need is an interactive display of a series of rectangular grids, where each grid cell has a certain color and maybe other sub-shapes (like a circle inside the cell etc.).
Every cell has connections to other cells in the same or other grids, and when I hover over a cell, these other cells gets highlighted, changes color, shows a circle inside etc.
I might also need other interactivity such as clicking on a grid cell displays textual information in a side bar.

Are these features something which makes sense to implement in Plotly? I have been working on implementing this as a web app, but I am less than thrilled with the workflow of loading data through HTTP requests and dealing with CSS/Javascript/Typescript shenanigans…

EDIT: I would like to implement this in Python.