Install Dash R but no DashCoreComponents library

Hi All,
In Rstudio, I’m new to DASH. I installed DASH as follows:
remotes::install_github(“plotly/dashR”, upgrade = “always”)
It was successfully installed. However, I only have dash package without dashCoreComponents etc.
Do I need to install dashCoreComponents separately? I did see dashCoreComponents in plotly/dashR repository.

Even Installed them separetly download from Cran (old version), when I used it, I got an warning as follows:
As of version 1.0, the following packages are deprecated and
should no longer be installed or loaded when using Dash for R:
dashHtmlComponents, dashCoreComponents, dashTable. These
components are now bundled within the dash package.

How can I install Dash R properly so that I can have these three packages installed along with DASH R?

Any input will be appreciated.

Thanks and have a good day!

All the best,