Insert React component into Dash page

I have an existing React chessboard that is already made (GitHub - Clariity/react-chessboard: The React Chessboard Library used at Inspired and adapted from the unmaintained Chessboard.jsx.). How can I insert that into a Dash app?

See Build Your Own Components | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly in the docs, which will point you to dash-component-boilerplate on Github. It is a fairly involved process, but the use of cookiecutter should help with stepping through it.

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Hello @aborgCSUMB,

Welcome to the community. I’d also add to the above that it matters about the amount of interaction to the dash app from what you have. If you only want to run your react from the page, but no info, then you can just put it into an iframe.

If you want interactions, then you’ll need to do as @tuchandra recommended.

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Thank you so much for the info.