In the case of missing data in the time series diagram, abnormal drawing will appear after zooming in through Zoom

when i set fig.update_traces(connectgaps= True) ,this bug disappears.

In addition, when I continue to magnify the abnormal place, it will not magnify, but will disappear.

I have the same or a very similar issue. For me the artifacts stay on the same position even when panning.

Found out it happens when there are single non-nan-values surrounded by two nan values.

I have this same issue (artifacts of a line drawn with no marker, while all real data has markers). It definitely has something to do with series with a single data point.

  • If I click the series in the legend to turn the display off then back on, that will fix the issue and remove the artifact.
  • When I click through a radio items selection to filter my data differently, and the graph uses a callback to update with re-filtered data, the artifact will actually stay but simply change colors.
    *The artifact does not have any tooltip hover effect.

In trying the simplest case to reproduce the error, I also found that an example with no callback functions does not seem to have this problem. I wonder if the above examples have callbacks?

Edit: The app is hosted on python anywhere. To see an example, under “Muscle Group” click “HPULL”, then under “Lift Name” click “RM”. The series “RM_90” should have one of these artifacts.