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In shiny app, highlight() function with selectize create multiple SharedData boxes

This is a cross-posting from stockoverflow Q.

How can one use highlight(..., selectize=TRUE) in shiny context without duplicating “SharedData” boxes as renderPlotly({}) is iterated?

Here is an example:


ui <- fluidPage(
  selectInput("Var1","Var1",choices=names(iris)[-5], selected=names(iris)[1]),  
  selectInput("Var2","Var2",choices=names(iris)[-5], selected=names(iris)[2]),  
  plotlyOutput(outputId = "ClustGraph")

server <- function(input, output, session) { 
  output$ClustGraph <-renderPlotly({
    Var1 <- quo(!!input$Var1)
    Var1 <- ensym(Var1)
    Var2 <- quo(!!input$Var2)
    Var2 <- ensym(Var2)
    key <- highlight_key(iris, ~Species, group ="SharedData") 

    qplot(data=key, x=!!Var1, y=!!Var2, color=Species) %>%
      ggplotly() %>% 
      highlight(on = "plotly_selected", dynamic = TRUE,
                selectize = TRUE, selected = attrs_selected(showlegend = FALSE))


shinyApp(ui, server)