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I want to represent the value of the x-axis literally

I want these gragh more detail.

First, I want to represent the value of the x-axis literally.
Can you see the picture? for example I want show “xp=3” or “xp” on x-axis.

And Second , I want write on the gragh. If you can see the picture, please refer to number 2!(vi=~~)

I’m Korean university student so my English is clumsy. Please understand that
I really really want solve these porblem. Please help poor student… T^T

This page shows how to change the values on the x-axis:

This page show how to add annotations. You can write on the graph or add them as hover text:

I hope that helps.

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Thanks!! I’ve done it!! I think arrow is better than present the value of the x-asis. I express that gragh!

Can I ask you one more question? How change that shape?? umm… circle -> line!!(please refer to the picture)
I want to show gap but I don’t know how show that. So I use these code…

var trace4 = {
x: [xn10000000,xn10000000],
y: [750,550],
name : ‘vbi’,
mode: ‘lines+markers’,
marker: {
color: ‘rgb(128, 0, 128)’,
size: 10
line: {
color: ‘rgb(128, 0, 128)’,
width: 5

Is any better way???