Hi Chris,

  1. Will you update it going forward or was it to offer people a CSS hand ?

  2. Forking the codepen, it gave me different results: meaning, when using the original link, my graphs are positionned in a way, forking it, they are positionned in another way. Makes sense? thanks

Also, something not related, everytime I run my code, it starts, loads everything, then it does ‘restarting with stat’, and loads everything again. Am I doing something wrong ?


I won’t be updating it, it’s just a starting point. I actually can’t update it, because it would break people’s current code.

Doesn’t make sense to me, not sure why that is happening.

I believe that is just now the debug=True flag works - I’m not sure why. I didn’t write the debug=True behaviour, it’s using Flask and werkzeug under the hood.

Thanks mate! Just a quick question. I am looking to make my graph box borders in a given color.
I am not very familiar with CSS.

Should I make a line change in the codepen ? or does this code give me a behavior that can be controlled from python directly ?

Regarding the issue I had, it’s just a typo I made in my code.


You can do it in codepen or the style property of any html element, which updates the CSS styles directly of the given element. Something like html.Div(..., style={'border': 'thin lightgrey solid'})

Thanks mate! Worked perfectly! Got the idea behind the scene.