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How to write html in a component string without introducting line breaks

I am using the Details component and it renders as expected when I feed the Summary subcomponent just a text:


Now to style parts of the text I tried DangerouslySetInnerHTML as following:

                           "An <b>important</b> undertaking"))

And it sort of works. Dash renders it likes this:


However, somehow a line breaks appears before the text. How can I get rid of the line break?

You don’t need DangerouslySetInnerHTML for this, you can just use dash_html_components: html.Span(['An ', html.B('important'), ' undertaking'])

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That works. Thanks!

But is there a way to do this with raw HTML? The reason is:

I have the same text as Summary in a Details component and as title attribute in a graph layout component - and from my understanding in the title attribute I have to use raw html, because objects are not allowed there.