How to use own fork of plotly.js /

I’m trying to use some custom icons in scattermapbox. I figured out how to load my own icons by creating a custom style in mapbox chart studio and uploading svg images. I’ve pushed a PR for this in plotly.js

I was hoping this would already be released but unfortunately it’s still taking a bit longer.
In the mean time, I would like to be able to use this ‘locally’ (inside a docker instance for instance). I tried the following steps but I’m running in some issues.

  • I updated package.json to point to my fork#branch (had to make some changes to to not use hardcoded url or plotly/plotly.js). After installing some missing requirements (black, inflect), python3 updateplotlyjs finished successfully.

  • I was hoping that this would be enough to get to rebuild schemas based on the changes I made in plotly.js, but from the looks of it, the changes are to layout/scene/table (likely due changes from other commits). Do I have to do something additional to what I’ve already done in PR4575 to get the changes to flow to ?

  • Assuming picks up the necessary changes and validators are no longer failing, I assume the next step is to install as a local editable package w/ pip3 install -e packages/python/plotly ? will that make my current python environment use my fork of plotly.js, or is it still going to try to get the .js file from some cdn?

Please let me know if this is the right path to use my own fork of plotly.js/, or if it’s documented somewhere else on how I’d do that?

No suggestions on how to deal with this? I’ve been waiting a month for the PR to get merged and getting desperate to get the changes I need in my project :desert_island: :sailboat: