How to use output of the plotly_selected event for further plotting?

I am using plotly to plot some plots in my shiny app. 

I am using plotly_selected to let the user select some points on the scatterplot. 

I want to use the output of that event to plot further graphs in my shiny app. How can I do that?
output$brush <- DT::renderDataTable({
          d <- event_data("plotly_selected")
          if (!is.null(d)) d
This is how I am getting the output of the plotly_selected event in a data frame form. 

Now, after the generation of this data table. I want to use this dataset for further plotting. 

I tried this way:
output$plot <- renderPlotly({
        g <- ggplot(data = d)+
          geom_point(aes_string(x= d[,3], y= d[,4]), colour= "red", size = 0.1)
But, this does not work.