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How to translate tooltip text in ModeBar?

When you hover over a plot, the toolbar/modebar appears that has the zoom, pan, etc buttons on it. When you hover the mouse over the toolbar buttons, a tooltip displays with some text describing the button. How do I make these tooltip text labels appear in a different language? I want to have the text displayed in Japanese not in English.

Excuse me for my English…
It’s possible modifying the Plolty library, for example I have realized some changes in the plotly.min.js for translate english to spanish in the toolbar/modebar . If you use javascript, you can change the plotly.min.js, but if you use for example Angular, so you must change the import method for Plotly Via Window Module (https://github.com/plotly/angular-plotly.js?files=1) and modify the node_modules/plotly.js/dist/plotly.min.js file, and you could open the file with “Visual Studio Code” and you can use “Prettier” to organize the code, next you can find for example the string “zoom” and the word can be translated to Japanese, you replace the string and you save the file and ready.