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How to store clientside table cell changes

I cannot figure out how to store clientside table changes. Currently, I have a client side callback for getting row, column and changed value. After hitting a button I want to process all the changes together to update the table in a sqlite database.
With the store component I can’t seem to append data (for appending the changes).
I do not want to update the sqlite database with each change made.
Is there another way?

Found it! I did not realise that data_previous is not fixed from the start of loading the table. What i did is making a callback with a button click as input and data_previous as output. In the clientside callback adapted from kkollsg I have the button click and data_previous as input, and table data as state. And I started the clientside function with an if statement: if (n_clicks > 0) to avoid error for empty data_previous.