DashTable: best way to display editable table, edit mutliple cells, and push changes back to server?

Looking for best way to implement a page that basically has two input buttons and a div to hold a table. Button1=Read_Table, Button2=Write_Updated_Table. The user will click Read_Table and that will get the table from the server. The user should then be able to edit various cells of the table, and finally, the user can click Write_Updated_Table. When changing cells, each modified cell should change color so the user can see which cells they are staging for update. When finished, the user can click Write_Updated_Table. The server will know the original table contents (somehow), and then apply the changed cells - all within that one callback.

I started piecing together some code to handle style changes to the data cells as the user clicks on each cell they want to change. And I think I could store the original table in a dcc.Store element so that when Write_Updated_Table is clicked, the server will know the original table and the updated table. With this info, the server can process all the updated cells in one callback.

Is there an easier way to do this than tracking each individual cell change with a callback?

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I’m too interested in hearing any suggestions in this.