How to start a dev server that will not shut down if the code has error?

Seems the dev server initiated from app.run_server(debug=True) will be shut down if there is error in the code, and we need to restart the app by running python after the error is corrected, and this is quite ‘annoying’, considering that code errors are unavoidable in the dev process…

Is there a way for dash to start a dev server that has ‘hot reload’ type of function that doesn’t need restart facing error in the code?



I agree that this can be a bit annoying, and I don’t think this functionality exists out-of-the-box in Dash.

If you are developing on Linux, you can try something like this, but quite honestly it is a massive hassle that is probably less efficient than just re-run a command (especially if you assign a keybinding to do so, like in vscode).

Maybe someone else has a better approach for this… :frowning_face: