How to set series as NOT selected in Plotly interactive HTML


I am using Plotly as the backend to generate line chart with Julia, and save the chart as html.
There are several series/lines in the chart. And I would like to show just part of them as the default.

How can I set up the status of some series/lines as hided (NOT selected) in the output html file, and click them to show.
For time being, all series/lines are shown when the html file is opened.

Thanks for help.

Best Regards.

Hi @CaoHua,
Welcome to Plotly forum! If you are running Plots.jl with plotlyjs() backend, then this question is for julia discourse, while if your code is written in PlotlyJS.jl, then this is the right place to address your question.

To get an answer, on both forums, you have to post a minimal example (with code and synthetic data, not your real data).

Mainly we must know if your plot has more traces, and the type of each one (scatter, bar, histogram, surface, etc)

Well noted. Thanks for your kind reply. I will try to seek the suitable way.